Dave Hendry, President of Real Curriculum, is a nationally recognized expert on achieving student engagement and understanding through application of principles of instructional design, and has served as principal faculty member in over 100 teacher training institutes for schools and districts nationwide. Mr. Hendry also lectures widely to educators and others about education policies and teaching practices that will prepare today’s students to become the creative workforce that America needs for the challenges of the 21st century.

With undergraduate degrees in mathematics and physics, and career experience in solid-state physics research, Mr. Hendry is exceptionally well qualified to assist educators in the implementation of instructional resources and strategies that both engage students and deepen their understanding of key math and physical science concepts and principles.
Mr. Hendry was also an early researcher in alternative energy systems (solar and bio-fuels), and his curriculum publications include the award-winning teacher's guides the instructional television series "FUTURES with Jaime Escalante" and "Interactions: Real Math-Real Careers", as well as instructional materials for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory documentary Catch the Wind: The QuikSCAT Story, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research documentary “High Hopes”—all of which include substantial content related to various “green” technologies and the global climate change context which motivates their adoption.

As project producer of the documentary Good Morning Miss Toliver and coordinating producer for The Eddie Files, Mr. Hendry is two-time winner of the George Foster Peabody award, and has won The Educational Press Association's highest award for curriculum materials. Mr. Hendry has directed or coordinated curriculum development activities for four National Science Foundation projects, has served as Principal Investigator in two US Department of Education Professional Development programs, and is the creator of The National Math Trail.


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